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Evil Land Episode 01 is here!

2011-03-06 17:11:13 by LisVender

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2011-03-06 17:25:14

I liked it ^^


2011-03-06 19:49:31

omg, you haven't posted anything since 2003? wow. good luck!


2011-03-07 02:45:14

I remember "Angry White Boy Polka". I still think it's pretty good as a shout-out to Weird Al. As for Evil Land, I would finish that up quickly. And the next time you want to do a series or feature-length movie, I suggest you find some stronger voice talent. Still, I enjoyed the first episode... for the most part. I look forward to seeing the rest of the series.


2011-03-10 18:29:01



2011-03-10 20:02:16

That was awesome. I just watched it, and it was worth waiting for the next episode.


2011-03-15 13:25:41

Regarding my review.

Look up some things like There she is Final Step, Final Fantasy A+, the fucking Lord of the Rings Return of the King.

Aim for a standard that you feel is beyond your capability. That is how you make the most out of yourself.


2011-03-15 13:39:01

Pay close attention to how the characters are represented, and how they portray themselves as well as their metaphoric counterparts.


2011-09-08 19:28:41

It's been months, so where's Evil Land episode 2? I can't imagine that they'd take any longer than a few hours to complete each, given the terrible animation quality.


2011-11-13 14:28:40



2013-03-18 22:45:46

Really depressing to see an old member of NG, pick up and walk away, without leaving a forwarding address :\ At least tell us you got married or have a better day job!